Dewmail 30 sec Quick Start Guide

In less than 30 seconds your API can be processing customer emails with Dewmail.

  1. First, create the following MX records for your domain
  2. Send an email from any client--for example, consider the following message.
    Subject: Dewmail | An email parsing microservice for HTTP APIs
    Body: Visit our website at
  3. That's it!

Dewmail will receive and parse your email generating the following JSON request

   "body": "Visit our website at",
   "from": "",
   "links": [ "" ],
   "sender-IP": "",
   "spf": "Pass",
   "subject": "Dewmail | An email parsing microservice for HTTP APIs",
   "time": "2015-01-17T08:00:39Z",
   "to": ""

which it will submit to Your API can then parse the message however you see fit.

Built with by Stephen Parker